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Kunye is a modern lifestyle brand, dedicated to keeping its tribe informed and inspired with highly curated content and premium skincare products that people can use as part of their day to day rituals. Our mission is to create nourishing skincare goods that contribute to our wellbeing and make our lives a little easier, calm our fraught nerves, and help us escape reality even if just for a few brief moments.






GLA Youth Elixir

I remember liking the GLA oil last year. But these last few weeks I feel it's become a necessity. In the Summer I'd mostly use it after a night of drinking or after a face mask. But now i'm using it morning and night and my skin looks so nice in the morning and my makeup goes on so smooth!      Levi G - Vancouver

My skin is combination/dry and Melissa recommended I try the GLA Youth Elixir and  I love it. It feels more moisturizing in comparison to other face oil products i've tried and leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy but not greasy.  I didn't love the scent at first, but quickly got used to it and the pay off is well worth it. I appreciate that it's blended without essential oils to make it safe for all skin types.     Melany H - West Vancouver

Replenish Body Butter

OMG! Can't live without! This is a multi- purpose weapon for soft and luxurious skin. I have been enjoying it's benefits as a nail cuticle cream, hand cream, foot salve, and i wont lie, I had bad cramps so i even massaged my tummy with it. . Love the scent, its so refreshing but very subdued, the texture is great even for massage. Love the use of Shea, Coconut and Mango oils. This is a serious home run.      Serena M - Whistler, BC

I stumbled across the REPLENISH body butter and love everything about it. Any patch of dry skin disappears with this body butter. It's not too greasy and has a wonderful scent that's not too overpowering. I gave several jars of this to friends for Christmas and got them hooked too!     Alanna V - North Vancouver BC

Bioferm eye balm

I love using the eye balm under my RMS Beauty "un-coverup." My concealer stays crease-less all day and feels hydrated all day. I've also noticed a decrease in wrinkles around my eyes since I started using it.    Laura G - Toronto ON

I’ve been using the eye balm now for about a month and I absolutely love it.  While the texture was a huge change at first, I love the balm to serum formula.  I have used so many eye creams over the years (including what is considered the gold standard…La Mer…) and I love how nourishing your eye balm is.  Overall, I am thrilled!  
Sherri - North Vancouver BC

The Bioferm Evey Balm is one of the best eye products that I have used. Eye balms sound intimidating to me because it implies heave moisture but I love this one because the smallest dab is able to moisturize my dry under eye area without being too much.    
Marci - Philadelphia USA

More Love...

I love the product. I really do! Its been perfect for my complexion - as I have pretty good skin, rarely any blemishes (regardless of what I eat), or red spots. This is one big reason I enjoy it so much. Its not too greasy. Its light, smells like the earth (which took me a few days to adjust to, but love now), does what it needs to - cleanses and hydrates, without all the fluffy unnecessary stuff! I find most of the creams out there irritate my skin (too rough, thick, etc) and I also love that its a simplistic way to keep clean with no fuss! Price is reasonable too!    Candace R - Edson AB

I am passionate about using beauty and body products that have natural, nourishing ingredients and nothing harmful or questionable. I have been using Kunye's amazing products for over a year now and am hooked and love their commitment to toxin-free skincare. When I am not sure about which face mask or face oil to use, Melissa has been very approachable and did a complimentary phone consultation with me to help me figure out which products would work best for my skin type.

The REFINE face mask does it all. It doesn't take much. My face can get quite dry at times in the cold winters and it was starting to get irritated and angry with me. I put the REFINE face mask on and the dry skin and uneven texture pretty much disappears afterwards. My face doesn't feel stripped dry after either! I follow up the REFINE face mask with the BALANCE face oil and my skin is very happy afterwards!

The BALANCE face oil is my go-to face moisturizer. It absorbs quite quickly and leaves my skin feeling very moisturized and balanced. I have gotten several compliments on my skin since starting to use this oil and I feel like I'm doing my skin a favour every time I put it on.
Alanna V  -North Vancouver BC

Melissa had me at hello. I was so impressed with her extensive knowledge on natural, plant-based skincare and the beauty facts and benefits on sustaining healthy skin. She knows EVERYTHING! I could listen to her talk about this subject for hours...
The BIOFERM eye balmcoffee scrub and body butter have been game changers in my daily beauty routine. Every new mother should be gifted this combo; it’s the perfect solution to the visual appearance of sleep deprivation. In addition, the amazing aroma of coffee to stimulate you first thing in the morning.      Samantha D - Vancouver BC
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The body butter leaves your skin feeling heavenly with a delicate powdery-floral scent. The hardest part is resisting the urge to use the entire jar in one sitting.      Amy M - Toronto ON
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For my body, I absolutely love the The Replenish Body Butter from Kunye, which is a Vancouver-based company. It is basically a blend of non GMO soy, mango and shea butters with coconut oil. I use a pea size on my body right after I hop out of the shower or bath, while my body is still damp, to hold in the moisture. Your skin feels incredibly smooth and moisturized for hours after and smells lovely... I also adore the Kunye Refine Mask which is a blend of papaya extract and marshmallow root (the root that gives marshmallows the marshmallow flavour!!). This mask is so awesome because you purchase it as a dry powder and mix it with whatever you like. This way it stays really fresh and you can pre-mix however much you like. I mix mine with water and use about 1 tsp of clay with 1 tsp water for my mask. I use this mask about once a week, which leaves my skin feeling firm and replenished.     Sisley K - North Vancouver BC
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The GLA oil has changed my skin forever. I'm on my 5th bottle and i'm hooked. I've used more face oils then I can count and none of them has made a difference in my skin the way Kunye's has. Since using it I feel like my makeup applies smoother and my skin has a more natrual glow.      Jessica C - North Vancouver, BC