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Kunye is a modern lifestyle brand, dedicated to keeping its tribe informed and inspired with highly curated content and premium skincare products that people can use as part of their day to day rituals. Our mission is to create nourishing skincare goods that contribute to our wellbeing and make our lives a little easier, calm our fraught nerves, and help us escape reality even if just for a few brief moments.


Meet Melissa


My earliest memories are of me sneaking into my mom’s bathroom and stealing her makeup and skincare. Her bathroom vanity was like my own personal beauty counter. My mom took (and still takes) impeccable care of herself and made self-care a meaningful part of our everyday. She shared every part of her practice with me, from healthy meals to working out together in the living room to Jane Fonda and Billy Blanks fitness tapes.  

She was the one who first taught me that 'taking care of number one' isn't selfish; It's a form of self preservation. Growing up, the value of self care that my mother instilled in me came and went in waves. Along with it, came spells of acne, fluctuations in weight, low energy and high stress. 

My wise mama, as she always does, gave me simple, yet game changing advice - move your body and give it what it needs. As I started to feel better, my naturally inquisitive self, wanted to understand why. As a professionally trained makeup artist, I thought a great concealer could fix anything. But what I discovered, was that beauty begins with understanding our body and how what we introduce to it has lasting effects - both good and bad - on our internal and external vitality.

Before I knew it, my passion project became my lifestyle. As I dove deeper into learning how to nourish my body, clean up my beauty routine and create healthy habits in my daily life, I noticed a shift. My skin cleared, I gained strength and my energy was sustained and vibrant. 

Kunye, meaning 'One' in my mother's native language of Zulu, represents both unity and self. I hope that Kunye inspires you to take care of number one every day. 

In health and beauty, 

Melissa Nkomo