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Kunye is a modern lifestyle brand, dedicated to keeping its tribe informed and inspired with highly curated content and premium skincare products that people can use as part of their day to day rituals. Our mission is to create nourishing skincare goods that contribute to our wellbeing and make our lives a little easier, calm our fraught nerves, and help us escape reality even if just for a few brief moments.



Pursuing The Pure Life with Sisley Killam


The Pure Life is a hub of information and inspiration for anyone seeking to augment their approach to nutrition - something we are always seeking a better understanding of here at Kunye. 

It's not every day you meet a gem like Sisley Killam - the nutritionist and blogger behind, inspires others to take a more holistic approach to wellness by healing our bodies and our skin with nutrient-dense plant-based foods. When we're not drooling over her delicious IG feed, or inhaling her yummy vegan recipes, we are just in awe of how this super down-to-earth girl is making nutrition approachable and oh so cool. Below, she shares her story, and some holistic tips on how to pursue The Pure Life every day.

We love how you're empowering women through nutrition education. Can you tell us how The Pure Life came to be?

Thank you! Well, it started off as a food diary on Instagram, where I posted my healthy meals daily. I was going through a tough transition period, healing myself through food and struggling to fit in a world that didn’t really respect nutrition at the time. At that time, Instagram was a way for me to connect with like-minded people who were on a similar journey as I was. It was such an incredible feeling, and I was constantly feeling inspired, which is eventually how the blog came to be, and The Pure Life was created.

Nutrition can have such a profound and transformative impact on the body. How do you think it influences the way we look and feel?

It influences every bit of how we look and how we feel. Take sugar, for example. If I skip lunch and have a sugary donut instead, my body immediately gets a sugar high and then crashes like there’s no tomorrow. If I have a big veggie + quinoa salad instead, my blood sugar levels stay constant, allowing me to be alert, awake and energized throughout my day without crashing. When we eat good, nutrient-dense foods, we are feeding our cells to create a healthy body, fresh-looking skin, a strong immune system. Nutrition is so, so important and the basis of how we look and feel every single day!

We know how tempting it is to want to reach for that sugary donut! Especially if you are in a hurry or you just aren't sure how to make healthier choices. What is some advice you can share with people who are looking to eat a cleaner or more plant-based diet but want to start with the basics?

  1. Start your day with something clean and plant-based. This will dictate your choices for the rest of the day. I recommend a big green smoothie, avocado on rye toast or a fruity breakfast porridge.

  2. Have clean protein and healthy fats at every meal. This will keep your blood sugar levels constant and avoid energy highs and crashes as I mentioned above. For example, sprouted rye bread and nut butter at breakfast, chickpeas and hemp seeds with your lunch, and lentils or a wild piece of fish for dinner. Include healthy fats like avocado, coconut milk, walnuts and chia seeds daily to feel satiated and to promote fresh, healthy skin.

  3. Eat the rainbow! Fill your grocery basket with 1 item from every color of the rainbow. Red bell peppers, Orange mandarins, Yellow bananas, Green Kale, Blue Blueberries, Indigo colored Eggplants, and Violet purple potatoes.

You mentioned earlier how feeding our cells nutrient-dense foods can help our skin. What has been your biggest skin challenge and in what ways did food have an impact (either negative or positive)?

Hormonal issues! I have struggled with hormonal acne for awhile now. I managed to rid of my cystic acne and rosacea a few years ago by altering my diet, but the hormonal and stress-related acne always finds a way to come back, especially when i'm om my period. It is so frustrating!

Sugar is a huge no-no for me. If I eat sugary foods, I have a break out right away. A few years ago, I upped my water intake, cut out all dairy and wheat products, as well as a few other changes, and managed to rid of my cystic acne and rosacea.

When I get a breakout, I try to reduce the stress in my life, eat a super clean diet and avoid touching or picking at my face.

Best beauty advice you've ever gotten?

My mom always says “just wash your face, put your hair in a ponytail, throw on some red lipstick and you’re good to go!”. It’s so simple and always makes me feel beautiful.

We like to finish off each interview by talking about the idea of self-care. What does it mean to you and what are your favorite rituals?

Self-care is so important to me. Not only does it make me feel healthy and beautiful, but it also helps to put any anxiety at bay and creates a positive body image for me. Self-love to me means taking care of my body in a way that suits my needs, to benefit all other aspects of my life. If you don’t love yourself first, it will be really difficult to put your whole heart into other projects in your life. Put you first.

My favorite rituals are simple things like taking a hot shower, spraying myself with lavender essential oil and reading my favorite health book. I also love putting my phone away and spending a few hours in the kitchen, letting my mind and creativity do its’ thing.